Music Videos

We offer production for both live performance and traditional narrative style music videos.  We will work directly with you to come up with something you’ll love!

Live Streaming

We’re fully equipped to help you live stream concerts and other live events from almost anywhere with up to 6 camera angles!

Video Production

Need to record and edit video for an event your putting on?  Whether its a conference, a tour vlog, a concert or whatever…we can do that!

Talent Booking

We work with the best artists in Manitoba.  If you’d like a solo, duo or full band performance at your venue or event, send us a message and we’ll book it for you!

Event Management

Putting on an event and need some help?  We can manage the stage, source the audio equipment, book the talent and/or emcee the event for you!

Stage Management/Emcee

Need someone to keep the stage environment at your event running smoothly, or emcee the evening? We do that. 

Event Promotions 

We can work directly with you to come up with a social media and promotional strategy to help ensure your event is a success!

Band Promotions

Lets work together on promoting your next show or tour and work on strategies to help take your band to the next level